Bristol Positive Birth Stories

Transformative, informative and joyful!

Welcome to this directory of positive birth stories. We are in our fragile beginnings and need your help to create a directory that represents a wealth of wonderful birthing experiences.


I am the portal to life and I say – Open Up!bristolpositivebirthstories@yahoo.co.uk

There is extraordinary psychological benefit in belonging to a group of women who have positive stories to tell about their birth experiences… So many horror stories circulate about birth that it can be difficult for women to believe that labor and birth can be a beneficial experience. If you have been pregnant for a while, it’s probable that you’ve already heard some scary stories from friends or relatives. Now that birth has become a favourite subject of television dramas and situation comedies, this trend has become even more pronounced… The best way I know to counter the effects of frightening stories is to read or hear empowering ones. I mean stories that change you… because the teller of the story taught you something you didn’t know before or helped you look at things from a different angle than you ever had before.”

Ina May Gaskin (author of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and “America’s leading Midwife”)

“It would be wonderful if women who have positive birth stories, communicated them to women who are wondering what kind of birth they want to have.  But we are all constrained. Those of us who have had magical, empowering, challenging and rewarding births don’t want to tell our stories in front of someone who ended up with a caesarean or had an epidural from 2 cm on because then she feels inadequate or ‘less than’ in the face of our power and that’s not ok. So we’ve stopped telling our birth stories and I think we need to start again.”

Robbie Davis-Floyd PhD (Medical Anthropologist) on the film Orgasmic Birth by Debra Pascali-Bonaro


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