The Wonderful and Easy Birth of Milo George!

A planned home birth
Milo was due on 12th September but arrived slightly early at 22.14 on Saturday 8th September 2012.
Things started on Thursday 6th, my husband had left the house VERY early to catch a train to London and when I woke up I realised that I had lost my plug. I rang my husband to let him know but as I felt nothing else, I told him not to panic and to finish his day as normal.
In the evening I started to get some back pain that seemed to get worse every half an hour or so. As it was nothing too significant, I went to bed and got some sleep.
On Friday 7th, I went for a long walk with the dog and my sister (who was staying to help with the dog, etc). In the evening I was in a lot of pain all of which was in my back. I was also getting regular contractions. I spent a lot of time in the birth pool and tried to lie in bed occasionally too but this just made the pain worse. I didn’t really get any sleep at all.
On Saturday 8th, things continued in much the same way and the pain was getting unbearable. We spoke to the midwife and explained what I was feeling and that the pain was high up in my back. She realised that this was not to do with labour and may in fact be a UTI. The midwife came to examine me and we decided that my best option was to go to hospital to be monitored and get some antibiotics and decide from there whether to stay or come back home for the home birth we had planned. The midwife also suggested that I may not be in labour at all which was quite disappointing and caused my contractions to stop altogether!!! I agreed to have an internal examination (something I had originally been against) and discovered that I was 4cm dilated. By the time we arrived at the hospital, at about 5pm, my contractions and re-started and were really gaining momentum! I was monitored for a while and given paracetamol and a course of antibiotics. The midwife at the hospital was really lovely and keen to get me back home to continue things according to my plan. We got back home by about 7 and I spent some time going between the hot shower, bed and the birthing pool. At 9.08pm, when I stood up out of bed, my waters broke on the only section of carpet that wasn’t covered in towels or shower curtains!! This made us all laugh a lot. The pain from the UTI had gone completely and I knew now that labour was going to be much more manageable. I got into the shower for about 20 minutes and then decided to get back into the birth pool.
At 9.40 my husband called the midwife as my contractions were about every 3 minutes for longer than a minute…however, it did not feel this long to me! At 10pm Milo’s head popped out under the water which was a bit of a surprise to everyone, me included as I thought things were only just beginning! It was 14 minutes later, again it felt like seconds to me, that Milo was born and caught under the water by my sister (my husband had literally just stepped out of the room to speak on the phone to the midwife who was still at the hospital!).
My husband and sister helped the 2 of us out of the pool and wrapped us both in lots of towels to keep warm. The first midwife arrived at about 10.35pm and helped me feed Milo. I had a physiological 3rd stage which I did not have to push for and had no firther contractions or after-pains!
Milo weighed 8lbs exactly and slept from 1am (when the midwives left) until 7am on Sunday morning.
For a first timer, with no midwife and no need for pain relief, I think that I have been incredibly lucky with the whole experience of pregnancy and birth and would whole-heartedly recommend a home birth with a pool!