The Birth of Rachel!

A Relaxed Hospital Birth
I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant with “the snuggleberry”. We had just finished our first year at uni, and all my friends were out getting wasted, and I was stuck at home being fat and sick.
Being pregnant was a bit stressful. We didn’t find our flat until Rachel’s due date (which I think may have helped in us securing it!) but she gave me a bit of extra time to get settled, unpack and be comfortable.
She even waited until I had a lift to the hospital, my aunt and uncle were visiting when my contractions started. When I was sure it was happening, I rang round my friends, “she’s actually coming now. It’s actually happening!” I was petrified before going into labour, only having heard bad stories. I was the one sticking my hand up in antenatal classes, worried about ripping and such!
They drove me in to hospital, but next time I don’t think I’d go so early. All I wanted to do was walk a million miles. Which I did, round the tiny room!
A few hours later, they came in to check what was going on. They told me my cervix was really thin, but I hadn’t dilated much. Not being very sure on the biology front, I thought all this pain was for nothing and I wasn’t getting anywhere. So I decided to have some pethidine, to ease it off, as I thought I would be there for days!
After I had had the injection of pethidine, I fell into a stupor for about 6 hours. I felt about ten contractions, but her father said my body tensed hundreds of times. When I woke up, I started on the walking again. I asked them to check me again, to see what was going on, they said they didn’t want to cause they didn’t want to check too many times, due to infection. But they had a look, and I was 9cm dilated! We had almost done it!
I went to the toilet, and finally my waters broke. Well “broke” is a bit of an understatement, they exploded across the room! I showed the midwife, and she said that I needed to move from the birthing suit cause Rachel had done a poo inside me (thanks snugs)
Then it was my turn to have a poo, or so I thought. I was saying to the midwife, “im just going to go to the toilet, cause I have heard about people pooing on the table whilst giving birth and I don’t want to do that” and she said “no dear, it’s the babys head” me “no no, I’ll just have a poo first… oh maybe it is the baby’s head” (it feels exactly the same!)
Then I lay down on the bed, and pushed. It felt really natural, like my body was doing it without me trying. I made noises I wasn’t even really sure were coming from me, they sounded really animal! Then I pushed her out in about 15 mins. As soon as her head left my body she started crying, which was weird cause her body was still inside! (her dad said the whole experience reminded him a bit of alien. Im glad I couldn’t see what was going on down there!) Then when they laid her on my chest, she fell silent instantly, like she was back where she belonged. When she went for her first feed, she latched on straight away and started suckling. I remember saying to the midwife “oh she stopped!” and her saying “she’s allowed to” then she started again.
The most painful bit was the stitches, but luckily that was when I remember I had gas and air on tap, so it wasn’t so bad. Then the midwife had to rush off to surgery, and I was left with just  me and my beautiful baby, sleeping in my arms J
I had a funny surprise when I got my yellow book back. There was a section crossed out saying “Helen is successfully feeding her baby… both mother and baby are sleeping”. They had thought I was someone else, and not known I was there, doing my thing! Which just goes to show, there is something to be said for leaving well alone and letting your body do what it’s going to do!

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