Baby Benjamin

Big baby born without intervention!
Baby Benjamin was born at 15:15 yesterday afternoon just the way I was hoping for – no interventions, no drugs! 🙂 he’s 10lb10oz, looks an awful lot like his big sis and seems to be very snoozy. Long may this last!
He was six days “overdue” and the past week I’d been tying myself in knots stressing about a) having a dreaded ‘stretch and sweep’ which was booked for this morning to try and kick start labour and b) that failing and then having to be induced – he arrived just in time to avoid a) and came on his own accord, both of which I am very happy about!
Yesterday morning I woke up with vague crampy feelings but not at all in pain and had a massage with a lovely midwife who also practices shiatsu massage in pregnancy – it was heavenly. About 20 mins after she left, my waters broke and I started feeling some mild contractions so I decided to get in the bath and asked my husband to go and get some things just in case we ended up needing to go to the hospital. By the time he came back half an hour later I realised we needed to go to the hospital immediately. In the ten minutes it took him to call the delivery suite, call the babysitter and throw things in a bag to go, I was starting to feel like the baby was going to come within minutes and was fighting the urge to push. My friend, who had randomly stopped by in the middle of all this chaos to say hello, bundled us all in the car and drove us to the hospital at top speed while I crossed everything I could and tried not to moan too loudly in the back as Izi was sitting right next to me a tad freaked out by the noises coming from mum!
We arrived at the hospital and I had three contractions between getting from the car to reception – about 30 feet apart – and walked in announcing I needed to push. Was given a room in the birthing suite with two lovely midwives within a couple of minutes of arriving – I completely credit their skill to getting such a huge baby out without intervention. Although everything progressed quickly initially, the pushing stage lasted almost two hours because he got stuck at the same point his sister had. I had a moment of absolute blind panic thinking that everything was going to go horribly wrong and I’d have another forcep (or worse) delivery. Thankfully the midwives knew what they were doing and talked me through several positions till we found one that worked, and eventually out he came (yes, very painfully). The whole thing took three and a half hours from start to finish, I reckon if he hadn’t got stuck it would have taken less than two.
I’m still a bit sore in places, but in comparison to last time, I feel amazing. Within a couple of hours of the birth I was walking about and eager to go home. The lovely midwife who gave me the massage yesterday was on duty today and came and gave me a big hug as I was being discharged and said all the midwives were raving about me getting Benji out on my own, that the hospital hadn’t seen a baby so big in months! So I think I am feeling a bit high at the moment from all the compliments.  And did I mention, he’s gorgeous?  🙂

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